A Series of Facsimiles of Manuscript Sources

General Editors: Terence Charlston, Heather Windram and Andrew Woolley

Volume 1. London, Royal College of Music Library, MS 2093 (1660-1670s)

Volume 2. London, Lambeth Palace Library, MS 1040 (1650s-1660s)

Volume 3. Haslemere, Dolmetsch Library, II e. 17 (1680s)

Volume 4. Oxford, Christ Church Library, Mus. 1179 (1650-1680s)

Volume 5. London, British Library, Add. MS 31468 (1690s)

Volume 6. London, British Library, Add. MS 52363 (1700s)

General Preface to the Series

Volume 1

Volume 2

Recording of RCM MS 2093 (Volume 1)

5 Keyboard Pieces by Edmund Hooper (c1553-1621) performed on clavichord, Flemish harpsichord and chamber organ

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